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WSFS Bank Launches Small Business Loans-for-Job Creation Program

Hometown bank does good!

Under this new program, through the end of 2011, WSFS Bank will make available a special pool of $25 million to creditworthy businesses with annual revenues up to $10 million that commit to using the funds for immediate investment (equipment investment, hiring of employees, etc.) will be eligible for loans up to $500,000 with no closing costs or other bank fees and at an attractive fixed rate.

Read the WSFS press release. (PDF)

2 thoughts on “WSFS Bank Launches Small Business Loans-for-Job Creation Program

  1. Spencer Gregory

    For more alternative sources of financing small buisnesses including revolving loan funds, micro loans and loan guarantees visit Deleware Small Business Loans.

    This is a free directory of all of these loan programs that are funded through SBA, USDA, EDA, etc to intermediaries such as local economic development agencies to give small businesses loans. One of the requirements of many of these programs is job creation and retention so traditional banking lending requirements don’t always apply plus the interest is typically lower than the bank too.

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