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ShopRite Opens New Store in Wilmington, Delaware

As a former resident of the city, I can say don’t underestimate the luxury of having another place to buy your groceries!

Wilmingtonians now have that opportunity.

On December 27th, 2008 the Kenny Family ShopRites of Delaware opened their fourth store at 501 South Walnut Street in Wilmington near the Riverfront. This 70,000-square-foot world-class supermarket superstore designed specifically for Wilmington.

What does that mean?

From the press release:

The store has many unique design features which are a first for Delaware: roof-top parking, customer elevators, a cartveyor system, and numerous in-store department enhancements. The new store has the largest meat department in Delaware.

Almost lost in all of the fanfare here is the fact that the new store has provided almost 200 new jobs for Delaware residents.

5 thoughts on “ShopRite Opens New Store in Wilmington, Delaware

  1. pat egger

    Please open a Shop Rite in Dover, Delaware, i’m from Philadelphia, Pa and also Medford, New Jersey, here 10 years, I miss my Shop Rite when visiting my children, i always stock up in shop rite, love the store

    thank you


    Please open a SHOP-RITE on the Eastern Shore in Maryland. We know many people from New Jersey that are hoping you have pity on us.

  3. Mary Anne Carlini

    Please open a shoprite in south Smyrna or North Dover. We moved from Newark about 9 months ago and really miss shopping at shoprite. We know you will do a wonderful business as there are not many supermarket options in that area of Kent Co.

  4. Candy Braden

    When are we opening Shoprite in Dover or Camden Delaware? Most of New Jersey is moving down here and we Need a Shoprite. I was from Bergen county NJ where there are so many Shoprites.

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