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Delaware Limited Liability Company Franchise Tax- Due June 1st!

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All of the Delaware LLC owners out there should know by now- It’s Franchise Tax Season again!

All Limited Liability Companies formed in the State of Delaware (including series LLC’s) that have not filed a cancellation or merger with the State this calendar year (2005) are required to pay the $200.00 annual Franchise Tax.

The Delaware Secretary of State has already sent your franchise tax returns out by mail. If you act as your own registered agent within the State, then that report would have been mailed directly to you. Otherwise, it would have been sent to your Delaware Registered Agent and they should have forwarded it to you or contacted you about it.

Information on Franchise Taxes is available on the Delaware Division of Corporations website.

How do you pay your Delaware LLC franchise tax?

Two general methods for payment are available:

Pay and file by mail. Send payment by check (drawn on a US Bank in US Funds) to:
P.O. BOX 74072
BALTIMORE, MD 21274-4072

For overnight deliveries the address is:

Pay and file electronically online at the Delaware
Division of Corporations Payment Gateway for Corporations and Limited Liability Companies.
For each of these, simply ignore the “login” section if you are paying by credit card.
You can look up your company file number (used in the filing process) online.

Alternatively, your Delaware Registered Agent may provide assistance to you for a fee.

Remember, ALL LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY franchise tax payments are due in the hands of the Division of Corporations before JUNE 1st!

2 thoughts on “Delaware Limited Liability Company Franchise Tax- Due June 1st!

  1. David Fernandez

    Re: Washington International Group, LLC #46803-57

    I need to know what the amount of 2009 taxes and any other taxes or assessments for 2009. When will they be due? Also, what can we expect for 2010. Any other taxes or assessments for 2010.

    David Fernandez, Esq.

  2. Russell Post author

    Hi David,

    The 2009 franchise tax assessment for Delaware LLC’s is $250.00. It is an annual fee paid to the State of Delaware,and it is always due by June 1st.

    Whether or not $250.00 is all that you will ultimately pay this year depends somewhat on your choice on how you elect to settle the tax with the Delaware Division of Corporations. If you pay directly and on time, then $250.00 should be your total; however, you may pay a surcharge to have a registered agent or third party assist you with the filing. Either way has its advantages, and you’ll need to determine what option best meets your needs.

    Here’s some resources that you may find helpful:

    Delaware Corporation Franchise Taxes and Filing Fees

    Delaware Taxes and Annual Report Information

    The franchise tax is the only assessment that is required to maintain the good standing of your Delaware LLC with the Division of Corporations; however, every individual entity has their own unique set of circumstances, so it is impossible to make a blanket statement indicating that is all you need to take care of on an annual basis. If your LLC actually does business in the State of Delaware, you may have additional obligations with the Delaware Division of Revenue.

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