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The World Bank Report – Doing Business 2017

Titled Equal Opportunity for All, Doing Business 2017 is the 14th report in the annual series released by The World Bank. The Doing Business project measures the regulations that amplify business activity and those that mute it. The 2017 Report comes complete with tons of data, current through June 2016, that is used to rank the economies of 190 world nations. More importantly, the report highlights what business regulation reforms have worked, as well as where and why. 

In all, regulations affecting 11 areas of the life of a business are examined by the Doing Business project.

In the 2017 Doing Business report, the following 10 areas are included in the ranking on the ease of doing business:

  • starting a business,
  • dealing with construction permits,
  • getting electricity,
  • registering property,
  • getting credit,
  • protecting minority investors,
  • paying taxes,
  • trading across borders,
  • enforcing contracts,
  • resolving insolvency

The 11th area measured by the Doing Business Project is labor market regulation, which is not included in this year’s ranking.

What kind of regulations impact business growth and development?

What is the easiest place in the world to do business?

You’ll have to check out the report to find out…

Doing Business 2017 – Equal Opportunity for All (PDF, 9MB)

The report is also available as mini book (PDF, 5MB)

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