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Retailers To See Increase in Delaware Business License Fee

$15.00 to be exact, starting next week. The increase will be used to fund the Delaware Attorney General’s Retail Crime Unit.

This was all part of House Bill 458 that Governor Minner signed back in July.

You can read all about the details the State of Delaware Division of Revenue Press Release.

For those pressed for time, here’s a summary:

Effective for all new retail business license and license renewals obtained on or following September 16, 2008, an annual fifteen dollar ($15.00) Retail Crime Fee will be added to the cost of the annual retail business license. This applies to general retail business licenses and grocery store licenses only.

Current State of Delaware retail license holders will pay the Retail Crime Fee starting in 2009. Businesses with a three year license will be invoiced for 2009 and 2010. The Retail Crime Fee will apply to all primary and secondary business locations.

One thought on “Retailers To See Increase in Delaware Business License Fee

  1. Alan Coffey

    I wonder when they will get around to charging a woman’s surcharge to prosecute rape crimes? Could you call this protection money? I don’t like the precedent.

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