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UPDATE: Foreign Trade Zones Seminar is rescheduled

The Foreign Trade Zones Seminar that was scheduled for tomorrow has been rescheduled!

New Date – November 1, 2006

This seminar will provide manufacturers, distribution and logistics companies, economic development representatives, developers, and service providers a background on the economic advantages that can be achieved through use of the foreign-trade zones program.

    WTCDE- Building Delaware's International Business Community

    When: *NEW DATE* Wednesday, November 1, 2006
    9:00 am – 12:00 pm
    Location: New Castle County Chamber of Commerce
    – Conference Room-
    630 Churchmans Road
    Newark, DE

    Speaker: Randy Campbell
    President & CEO, Campbell Trade Group, Inc.

    Topics covered:

      • Overview of Foreign-Trade Zones
      • Benefits of Using a Foreign-Trade Zones
      • FTZ Application Process
      • Activating the FTZ
      • Operating in an FTZ

    View the event flyer.

    Cost: WTC Member – $30.00 Non-Member – $45.00
    (processing fee applies if you register online)

    Register Online.

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