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Global Trade Leads and Incoming Business Opportunities

Building Delaware's International Business Community

Are you interested in global trade leads? The WTCDE receives incoming business opportunities from The World Trade Centers and International agencies and organizations across the globe.

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Further information on these partnership opportunities can be obtained by contacting
Sean Kathleen Curran, at 302-656-7905 or

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    Internet purchasing is nothing new in the B2B world. But the recent marketplace site has added what was missing: responsive interactions between buyer and seller that match real-world trading.

    “It’s a new concept that makes ultra-dynamic, beyond being just a marketplace portal” said Business Development Manager Stéphane Denoux “What’s different is that buyers can influence the price, and small and medium-size businesses can join together to make group purchases.”

    “As a result, buyers get the best possible deal, and sellers can unload their surplus rapidly,” Denoux asserted. The trade cycle on is 72 hours, giving participants rapid access to suppliers and prospects. was designed to enable buyers and sellers to influence each others’ offers. With the site’s reverse auction feature, sellers can modify their unit price to remain the best seller, helping ensure a sale. When the 72-hour time limit on a trade lead expires, the seller who proposed the lowest price gets the leads.

    Buyers can use the Group Buying feature for greater savings by adding their requested quantity to one or more existing trade leads. This, together with the reverse auction feature, allows buyers to influence price and quantity–just like in real-world transactions.

    “Both buyers and sellers receive responses to their trade leads within just 72 hours,” said Denoux. “That means everyone saves time while making viable contacts that end in transactions.”’s buying cycle is operational between 8 a.m. and 12 a.m. GMT/UTC, Monday to Friday. Once the trade lead expires, the interested parties receive an email alert and have 48 hours to confirm their engagement.

    Two pages on the site clearly describe the selling and buying process. also keeps members informed about business opportunities without flooding their in-boxes. After selecting categories of interest in their membership area, members receive one email a day listing trade leads that interest them.

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