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Delaware Division of Corporations Publishes 2009 List of Void/Cancelled Entities

Every year the Delaware Division of Corporations publishes a list of Corporations, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and General Partnerships that have been proclaimed “Void” or “Cancelled” for non-payment of franchise tax.

The 2009 Void/Cancelled Proclamation is available to be viewed on the Division of Corporations website from October 23, 2009 until October 31, 2009. Here is the list of these entities as required for publishing in accordance with the Delaware Law.

Delaware Corporations

Delaware Limited Partnerships

Delaware Limited Liability Companies

Delaware General Partnerships

The listing of Void/Cancelled Entities is also available on CD for a fee of $50.00. Please contact The Delaware Divison of Corporations Franchise Tax Department at 302/739-3073 and select option 3 to order.

2 thoughts on “Delaware Division of Corporations Publishes 2009 List of Void/Cancelled Entities

  1. joan-lee slatkin

    I have three stock certificates belonging to
    my deceased grandfather, Louis H. Sherman
    dated February 3, 1926 from the C.B. Sherlock
    Patent Investment Company I do not know if
    they even exist or if they are now called
    something else. Any help anyone can give
    me would be appreciated. They were incorporated in Delaware.

  2. Russell Post author

    Hi Joan-Lee,

    It’s not entirely uncommon to inherit some old stock certificates or uncover some in an old book in the attic of a relative or an estate. In the State of Delaware, shareholder information is private, and not reported to or collected by the Division of Corporations or any other State agency. The Corporation itself is required to maintain a ledger/record of shareholders and issues shares, so you may have to track them down (if they still exist) to see if you can find out any information. You can start by doing some research with the corporations department in the jurisdiction where the company was incorporated. That should at least inform you if they are still in existence. Depending on how old the entity is, and the specific circumstances, this may be easier said than done. From time to time, corporations file an amendment to change their name, or merge with another company (and change their name). This could make your search more difficult. Other options include hiring an attorney or corporate research firm to assist you with finding out information, and also checking with the Delaware’s Escheats Office for unclaimed property. You never know…

    Good luck!

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