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The CABER report: Delaware’s Captive Insurance Industry Makes Money

The recently released University of Delaware economic impact study shows that the Department of Insurance’s captive insurance program contributes nearly $360 million to Delaware’s annual gross domestic product. The captive program also directly and indirectly supports 2,537 Delaware jobs, creates almost $109 million in additional income, and generates over $5 million for the state in tax revenue, the report shows.

The study, The Economic Contributions of the Captive Insurance Industry to the Delaware Economy, was conducted on behalf of the DOI by the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics’ Center for Applied Business & Economic Research (CABER), which has produced similar economic impact studies for the Firefly Music Festival and Delaware’s horseracing industry.

Read the full for yourself:

The CABER report (PDF)

Captive insurance entities are owned by the companies that they insure, and are generally formed by businesses who wish to better manage the cost and administration of their insurance coverage. DOI’s captive bureau is self-sustaining and currently contributes an annual surplus in tax and fee revenue of over $3 million to the Delaware general fund.

Good stuff!

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