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SmartTalk Connected Conversations™ Announces 2013 Season in Wilmington

Mark your calendars now, January through May at the DuPont Theatre!

This news comes straight from SmartTalk to you:

This year we add Storm Sandy Support! For every subscription bought in November we are donating a portion of the proceeds to a local charity helping out with the Storm Recovery Efforts! It’s a great way to get a night out and help with the recovery!

SmartTalk Connected Conversations believes there is power in connecting women to other women, friends, family, coworkers, clients and their communities! We have educated and inspired our patrons with amazing speakers like Mary Tyler Moore, Diane Keaton, Margaret Thatcher and more!

We know – who are the celebrities?!?
That is an important and questions and one we answer down below, however let’s also address the fact that SmartTalk has found a way to connect women to pioneers of the world, their friends, family, colleagues, businesses and charities in a totally new fashion! Women are craving connections in the midst of their busy lives and what better way to do that than start with other empowering women to help mentor them in their own lives. Women want to find other people who can help inspire them in their work, personal life, with their friendships and even their love life! SmartTalk is offering a chance for women to get this once a month, January through May, in several cities throughout the country by hosting a unique format that allows the audience to directly interact with the speakers!

“I was particularly moved by Diane Keaton’s inspiring talk. Diane’s talk reminded me to embrace (rather than resent or take for granted) the things we, as women, do for our loved ones, and to realize the profound effect our actions have on those whose lives we touch. The power that all women possess within, our innate nurturing ability, can alter, expand, and improve the lives of all those around us if we’re willing to follow our instincts and do so. “
Joanne Mieszkowski.

Even speakers are seeking out SmartTalk to get a chance to speak to this group of women! We are approached by hundreds of speakers each year to get a chance to work with a professional company that connects them with an audience seeking connections.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to connect. I’d pay them just to have the chance to connect with this kind of audience again. This is different. It’s not just theater. It’s not a one-way dialog. It’s certainly not a lecture….”
Geralyn Lucas, Speaker

Not only do we offer a connection to celebrities but also to their community. Community businesses partner up to help support women’s programming and help introduce women to businesses that understand what women want. Each partner is handpicked for the audiences we serve and with women in mind.

“I just wanted to drop you a note and say THANK YOU!!! As you know Bankers Trust made some strategic changes in the marketing philosophy associated with the SmartTalk sponsorship. Our goal this year was to reach out to people who currently do not bank with Bankers Trust. With the small informal format of the pre-receptions we have a great opportunity to share with the attendees a little about Bankers Trust in a relaxed setting. Thanks again for all your hard work and helping give extra value to an already valuable sponsor relationship.”
Bankers Trust

SmartTalk even makes sure to GIVE BACK to each community through women and girl charities by partnering up and allowing them to get a percentage back as well as offer them a chance to get the word out about what they offer these women and their community!

“Thank you for your graciousness and the extremely special opportunity SmartTalk has given Kindervelt. The Kindervelt Board of Trustees and I are very excited about partnering with Smart Talk. It is a special opportunity and we look forward to the partnership! With tremendous appreciation,”
Buffie Rixey, Kindervelt City President

So that brings us back to the questions above – WHO ARE THE CELEBRITIES! Wait no longer –If you are interested in getting more information about these speakers or want to talk to someone about interviews please do not hesitate to call us!

One speaker will share their public experiences and private struggles with women once each month, January through May, in several cities throughout the country. The 2013 series at the DuPont Theatre will include:

Doris Roberts
Everyone Loves Doris Roberts – Her Laughs, Her Life
January 15, 2013

Arianna Huffington
On Becoming Fearless in Love, Life and Work
February 26, 2013

Bonnie St. John
Keeping Positive in Turbulent Times
March 12, 2013

Dr. Ruth
An Evening with Dr. Ruth: Life in a Man’s World
April 16, 2013

Marie Osmond
From Dreams to Dolls – Marie’s Done It All
May 6, 2013

All presentations begin at 7:30 p.m. with doors opening at 6:30 for the pre-show. Then following the show there is a chance to attend the VIP reception where you can meet the speaker and have a photo taken with them.
Subscribers to the 2013 series HAVE RECEIVED THEIR RENEWALS in the mail. Subscribers will be able to purchase seats before the general public as well as receive other benefits. Deadline for Subscribers is November 16, 2012

Inventory permitting, Season subscriptions, to all five presentations, become available to the public on November 16, 2012 through the DuPont Theatre ticket office. You can choose one of three ways to order Visit the DuPont Theatre (1007 N. Market Street, Wilmington), call 302-656-4401 or log on to Series ticket prices are $119.00 for a special 10% off discount offered until December 1st only.

Reward yourself and those you care about by coming to experience an amazing woman like Marie Osmond, Arianna Huffington and more and spend some quality time with those you care about and walk away fulfilled and empowered!

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