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Delaware’s Workers’ Compensation Reform Bill

“Simply put, it’s about jobs and keeping Delaware competitive” said James A. Wolfe, president and CEO of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce.

Business and labor leaders rallied with Governor Ruth Ann Minner yesterday in Legislative Hall to continue the push for legislative action on Senate Bill 362, which would reform Delaware’s workers’ compensation system.

    “We have long recognized the need to reform workers’ compensation in Delaware, and I look forward to the passage of S.B. 362,” Gov. Minner said. “We need a system that continues to provide quality medical and rehabilitative care for injured employees while keeping insurance premiums reasonable for our businesses. I greatly appreciate the diligent efforts of all of those involved in preparing this bill for our legislature, and I urge the General Assembly to take action on this important issue.”

    For those of you who like the short summary:

    SYNOPSIS of Senate Bill 362

    This Act comprehensively reforms Delaware’s workers’ compensation law. The objectives of this Act are to reduce the costs of workers’ compensation insurance in Delaware while ensuring that workers receive fair and adequate benefits for injuries suffered during the course of employment, and to ensure that the system as a whole will encourage prompt recovery and return to work for employees injured on the job. Among other things, the Act limits medical costs by providing for: a comprehensive fee and cost schedule for medical expenses and utilization costs; the certification of health care providers providing care for workers’ compensation injuries; and a medical dispute resolution process. The Act clarifies concepts of temporary disability and permanent partial disability and sets standards for determining when an employee has reached maximum medical improvement from a work related injury. The Act provides a process for injured workers to receive vocational rehabilitation to aid their return to work. The Act also provides for an informal arbitration process to resolve disputed workers’ compensation claims, and implements controls for attorneys’ fees incurred in the workers’ compensation process to ensure that all such fees are reasonable. The Act improves data collection practices and requires certain safety measures, particularly for firms with high rates of industrial accidents.

    For those of you who want to read the full text (Microsoft Word format):
    Senate Bill 362

    One thought on “Delaware’s Workers’ Compensation Reform Bill

    1. Larry

      Sounds great! … saving money while improving the medical care and reducing the delay. Sounds almost too good to be true. Somehow, I’m sceptical.

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