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Delaware is Rated Triple-A again

Having a credit risk near zero translates into the State saving majorly on interest rates.

The ratings have been received in conjunction with the State’s proposed issuance of $340.0 million of its general obligation bonds. Of the total bonds, $225.0 million represents new money for capital projects, primarily school construction projects, while over $115.0 million will refinance existing higher priced debt.

Retail bonds will be available from the following brokers until February 19, 2013:

BofA Merrill Lynch

(800) 937-0424 (Wilmington)

(800) 487-4518 (Rehoboth Beach)

(800) 937-0631 (Dover)

Raymond James & Associates, Inc.

(877) 295-9116

Drexel Hamilton LLC.

(212) 632-0406

Loop Capital Markets

(888) 294-8898

M&T Securities, Inc.

(302) 651-8644

TD Securities

(800) 934-4445

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