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Delaware-Dedicated Company Launches Artsy Online Campaign

Kickstarter has been in the news a lot lately; here’s your chance to back a Delaware company and Delaware Arts all in one!

Deco Playing Cards, a new startup committed to promoting Delaware artists, begins Kickstarter campaign.

Newark, DE (WEB) March 13, 2013: While arts in the state of Delaware often fall below the radar with neighbors like Philadelphia and Baltimore, Ned Redmond of Newark seeks to elevate its often-overlooked artists on an international level through the crowdfunding site His company Deco Playing Cards designs poker decks inspired by culture and history. These are printed by the United States Playing Card Company with the same printers that make the popular Bicycle® and Bee® playing cards. Deco Playing Cards’ current project, Sultana, is based on an ancient deck from Egypt.

Sultana is the debut of Deco Playing Cards, and will be the first in a trilogy of decks that follows the evolution of playing cards from their Moorish beginnings to their modern appearance. The deck is designed by Newark native illustrator Dave Boyd, and the tuck box is designed by University of Delaware graduate Katy Orr.

On, artists and entrepreneurs have about a month to raise funds from hundreds of small contributions. Rewards are offered for pledges to attract backers. If creators fail to meet their funding goal, the project receives nothing. Redmond’s deadline is April 21st and is seeking to raise $8000 for the project.

To learn more about the project and the deck, visit the project’s page here:

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