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Delaware Company uses Non-traditional hiring to create jobs and intelligent solutions

While the U.S. unemployment rate is 7.9% and regionally as high as 9.0%, one firm continues to hire and grow at a significant rate. Trellist Marketing and Technology, a professional services firm offering Business Strategy, Marketing & Branding, IT & Application Development, and Education & eLearning, has intensified their hiring efforts after experiencing success with their forward thinking approach.

Rather than following the traditional model of only hiring people to fit a job opening or current business need, Trellist recruits people who are the right fit for the firm’s structure and culture, and then creates positions based upon the individuals’ expertise.

Subscribing to the philosophy that great people are what build a company, Trellist identifies and hires exceptional individuals who share a similar work style, aptitude, and approach—without focusing solely on the individual’s background.

“We look for talented people first—high potential people who demonstrate the ability to contribute at a significant level, then we create positions based upon our growth strategy,”

says David Atadan, Trellist CEO.

This hiring practice has produced a diverse culture and breadth of knowledge. Trellist leverages this knowledge to create intelligent business solutions for their clients, new service offerings from the firm, and jobs for a number of people.

“Trellist is made up of employees who come from a variety of backgrounds. This includes Ph.D.’s and artists, former chemists and aerospace engineers. The common thread is that they are all analytical, creative, entrepreneurial, and highly competent,” Atadan explains, “The best solutions are found when you bring together a diverse group of intelligent people.”

Interested candidates can find out more about employment opportunities at Trellist by visiting

About Trellist Marketing and Technology

Founded in 1995, Trellist Marketing and Technology is a mid-size professional services firm with practice areas in Business Strategy, Marketing & Branding, IT & Application Development, and Education & eLearning. Trellist offers high-level strategic consulting and tactical design & development as a full-service agency or a resource management organization. Headquartered in Wilmington, DE, Trellist works with global, national and regional clients.

Company Address:
Trellist Marketing and Technology
117 North Market Street, Suite 300
Wilmington, DE 19801

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