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Could Patent Reform could be harmful to Delaware businesses?

Patents today continue to serve the same purpose intended in our Constitution and have fueled many of the companies, products, and jobs that have defined our position in the world today. Congress passed the America Invents Act (PDF) six short years ago, and only in the past six months has it actually been implemented. The full impact of these changes are yet unknown.

Here’s one position that advocates a resounding ‘yes’ in that debate that patent reform will hurt business not only in Delaware, but everywhere in the USA:

New Patent Legislation Will Hurt Delaware Innovators

What do you think?

One thought on “Could Patent Reform could be harmful to Delaware businesses?

  1. Jason D.

    This legislation is riddled with unintended consequences. We need to be very cautious before instituting any new changes. We can’t let Silicon Valley dictate what we do here in Delaware!

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