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Corporate Records Service Scam shows up in Delaware

Scammers make us sad. The mark isn’t they only victim, fraud can sometimes give good businesses a bad name. Guilt by industry association.

Why not put that effort into providing a valuable service to people instead of preying on busy businesses and their owners?

Thanks to Delaware Intercorp, Inc. for bringing this news to our attention.

3 thoughts on “Corporate Records Service Scam shows up in Delaware

    1. Russell Post author

      Hi Rosemary,

      It sounds like the form you are asking about is the subject of this post. Legit or not is a little too black and white. Yes, you may have a requirement to keep certain paperwork for your corporation (such as annual minutes of meetings), and NO you do not have to use this service to do it. What the perpetrators here aren’t telling you is that they are selling a service, an expensive one at that. Furthermore, they try to strong arm you into thinking you must comply and it’s ‘official’. They quote code and requirements that govern the need for corporations to hold shareholder meetings, and that may or may not apply to you and your business. There are plenty of busy business people and their staff that will probably just send in the forms and money without realizing they are providing sensitive and confidential information to lord knows who. Instead, you can find a free template online someplace and use that. Or alternatively, write it on the back of a napkin and put it with your company paperwork. There’s not a filing requirement or reporting requirement for this information. You may on the other hand be required to have it (under the right circumstances). This requirement is meant to protect shareholders of a company. If you are the only shareholder, the back of the napkin I referenced above works just fine.

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