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Community Innovation Project (CIP)

Are you looking for a program designed to help serious entrepreneurs push the boundaries of their existing business? Do you want to learn how to effectively work through the through the ideation process, as well as learn ways to develop your ideas into profitable innovations?

What: “Community Innovation Project”
When: November 11th, 2009, 5:00pm-7:30pm
Where: University Of Delaware Venture Development Center (Room 324B)

The goal of CIP and the test case is to teach participants how to conquer complex business issues quickly and decisively using logic. In addition to learning the process, entrepreneurs can also submit their business ideas to the program as a test case. These entrepreneurs will leave with a go-to-market blueprint which will help them avoid critical mistakes prior to spending the time, energy, and resources necessary to launch.

Whether you choose to have your business idea put through the gauntlet or participate in the round table discussion, you will gain a valuable understanding of the strategies of how to successfully implement profitable innovation into your new or existing business model.

For more information check out this site or download the CIP press release.

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