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Business opportunities from Goodwill Industries of Delaware & Delaware County, Inc.

“Give a hand up, not a hand out” is the motto of Goodwill Industries.

As that would imply, Goodwill is more than just a place to make donations or obtain a receipt for an income tax deduction.
Since their incorporation in 1921, Goodwill Industries of Delaware & Delaware County Inc. has established successful vocational programs that have been designed to educate clients and provide marketable skills and dependable work habits essential to business and industry. In fact, Goodwill Industries of Delaware & Delaware County, Inc. has the distinction of being the oldest nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization providing vocational services in the State of Delaware.

Did you know Goodwill operates an industrial outsourcing Contract Service, Temporary Staffing Service, and a Janitorial Service which not only provides employment and training opportunities, but much needed business services to the community?

Contract Services

Goodwill Industries can be your outsourcing resource and provide customized Contract Services at a competitive price.

Consider Goodwill’s Contract Services the next time you need:

  • Manufacturing support
  • Packaging services
  • Mailing preparation
  • Customized industrial services
  • Fulfillment
  • Enter a contract with Goodwill Industries by e-mailing Contract Services.


    Goodwill Staffing Services

    Goodwill Staffing Services employs individuals who have a wide range of skills and experience. Save the time and expense of advertising, interviewing, and checking references. Committed to quality work performance, they can provide your business with trained work-ready personnel and provide drug screenings and employee bonding.
    Goodwill Staffing can find a person to fill your vacant position right now!

    Look to Goodwill Staffing Services to Fill Your
    Staffing Needs in a Wide Variety of Areas:

  • Accounting
  • Clerical
  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry
  • Food Service
  • Light Industrial
  • MIS
  • Reception
  • Secretarial
  • Warehouse
  • Word Processing
  • Is your business hiring or looking for a job? Email Staffing Services and let Goodwill do the work for you.


    Janitorial Services

    Goodwill’s Janitorial Services cleans over 50 private and state run facilities throughout Delaware and Delaware County, PA.
    Does your company have a minimum of 100,000 square feet? Goodwill Industries can provide commercial cleaning services to you!

    Janitorial Services Include:

  • Specialty floor services
  • Construction clean-up services
  • Outside grounds/parking lot clean-up
  • Cleaning consulting services (all sizes)
  • Janitorial training and safety programs
  • Quick response to janitorial emergencies, such as a flood
  • Quality work maintenance through quality established control quality program
  • E-mail Janitorial Services to have Goodwill help you keep your business clean.

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    1. Bill

      I’ve been really appreciating your reviews of different nonprofit agencies in the State involving business, business development and , and assistance to consumers. Nice going. Keep up the good work, Russ.

    2. john beck

      What ever is being done under this project but it must to improve the quality of life for people with barriers to employment through vocational services and work opportunities.

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