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Business is about relationships

That statement is worth repeating, and even expanding.

Business is about building and maintaining relationships.

Think about some of the biggest success or turn around stories out there and you will find that the ability of the organization to build and maintain relationships has played a role.

The Digital Federalist illustrates my point in a recent post involving McDonald’s Corporation. The company’s CEO Jim Skinner has been credited with helping to turn around the McDonald’s stock price. In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Mr. Skinner shares the following 5 points that helped in managing that turn around:

1: Focus on people, leadership development and succession planning.
2: Face the facts. Listen to your customers because they will tell you what really matters.
3: Have a plan of action. Stick with it, align your team around it and focus on execution.
4: Have the discipline to pursue continuous improvement.
5: Be passionate and committed to your business. All the way in or all the way out.

In other words, the success of your organization hinges upon the ability to build and maintain relationships with customers and the people inside the organization itself.

One thought on “Business is about relationships

  1. Alan Coffey

    So I look at this and think it would apply to all TIMES and Russell looks at it and distills it to one line.

    So business success boils down to :
    “All business is about relationships, all the time”



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