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Bloom Energy to Build High-Tech Manufacturing Hub at former Chrysler site in Newark

Bloom Energy utilizes an innovative new fuel cell technology that produces unique on-site power generation systems. By generating power on-site, where it is consumed, Bloom Energy offers increased electrical reliability and improved energy security, providing a clear path to energy independence.

The proposed Bloom Energy facility would be located on the University of Delaware’s Science and Technology Campus, the site of the the old Chrysler manufacturing site in Newark, DE. Bloom would employ 900 people with a potential additional 600 jobs through co-located suppliers. An estimated 350 construction jobs could also be created this year, with production beginning in mid 2012

All of this was just announced today:

Bloom Energy has plans to build its new, high-tech manufacturing hub in Delaware, subject to a final agreement with Delmarva Power, as well as the passage of enabling legislation and regulatory approval. The new investment could create up to 1,500 high-tech jobs between the company and its suppliers at the site of the former Chrysler factory in Newark to manufacture Bloom Energy Servers, which are already helping to power companies like Google, FedEx, Coca-Cola and WalMart.

An animation explaining how Bloom Energy’s fuel cell works is available here .

Bloom Energy has recently received national media coverage explaining more about how their technology is used. A recent CNN video can be found here .

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