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This Delaware Trade Lead Bulletin includes categories such as: Resin/Rosin, Risk Analysis and Mitigation Strategies, Intellectual Property, Incorporation Services, NAFION, International Property & Casualty Insurance, Research Reagents.

Are you a Supplier, Exporter, Manufacturer, Importer, Buyer or Trading Company?

Delaware Companies– this is a great way to get your company’s information to overseas buyers, sellers, or distributors – at no cost to you!

Non-Delaware companies – this is a great way to see what opportunities Delaware companies may have for you!

Twice each month a Delaware Trade Lead Bulletin, comprised of leads from companies in Delaware, is sent out via email not only to World Trade Centers all over the world, but to American Chambers of Commerce and other business organizations as well. A link to the most recent WTCDE bulletin is below.

Delaware Trade Leads

Are you interested in posting a lead? If you would like to have a lead included in this listing, please fill out the following form and fax it back to the WTCDE office (fax: 302-656-7956), or contact Sean Curran at 302-656-7905 or

DE Lead Form

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